Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Porky Pants and Miss. Tappy Toes

Well we will start this one off with Jacob. He had his two month appointment. He weighed 14.1 pounds that puts him in the 95% for weight and is 24 inches long which puts him in the 80%. We have a big boy on our hands. The acid reflux is certainly not hurting his growth.

Now on to update for both of the kids get ready for a ride. Here is a random shot of a photo shoot of Jacob.

This is a picture of Jacob's new love. When ever he is crying you can take him to it and all is better. He will immediately start to smile and talk.
Jacob also had his first overnight visit at Grandma's of course we all went. Here he and Daddy are having a hard time getting up in the morning.
We also made some special visits while we were there. We all went to visit my Dad's and Grandma's graves. Now some may think this is morbid, but I feel that Jacob deserves a picture with his Pa and Great Grandma too.
Ella had been gearing up for many special events.

This is her on Graduation picture day.
The attitude is more than I can handle.
Then it was off to the fire house. Now many of you may remember that we did have a kitchen fire awhile ago. Since then Ella is very afraid of the fireman. This year however she did get into the truck that was a big deal.
Then the dance recital. Now there was a lot of drama around the dance recital. She did not like how her hair needed to be done and was afraid to go on stage. There were many arguments and tears over this, but here is the end result. She did get on stage by the way.
This was the tap costume.
This is the ballet costume.
That was her own pose.

Then there was a pool party at the YMCA. Jacob made his first pool visit. He seemed to like it.
Ella is getting much better in the pool. in fact the other day at the lake she put her face in the water with goggles on. A big step for her.
Then my little girl graduated from preschool. Again there were many tears. Ella was very sad to leave her school and so was I. I cried also. They had a slide show and it was more then I could handle.
Strawberry picking was the next adventure that we went on. 10 quarts of berries made for some yummy jam and eating.

Then it was off for an overnight at Auntie Edna's house. Jacob was not very pleased with this deal. I think he did not like the smell of Uncle Freddy. Ha Ha Ha Ha. This is Ella sleeping on the way there. We had not even gotten to the activities.

While at Auntie Edna's we went to the Strong National Museum of Play. Ella was able to see a butterfly garden, shop at a kid's Wegmans, visit Sesame Street, and many other fun things.

While at the museum Ella was part of a play that a group of kids put on spontaneously.

And now we are on to our summer fun. Dance in the park, music and movie in the park, story time at the library on the lawn, baseball games, and the lake.

Funny note to end on today while getting this ready was a whopper. While outside Ella decided to breast feed her doll.

Then once inside for lunch Jacob has a complete blow out. The car seat is covered, his clothes. I start trying to change him and I know it is bad, when the baby gags. Lord help me!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ella's new do

Well I just got my hair cut and Ella wanted to well she had to wait until after the dance recital. That post is coming. So here is the before.

It had become a bit unruly. This was also after an afternoon of play.

Now here is the after.

She is totally in love with it. As I said there is a much longer post to come, just need to find the time to do it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like Father Like Son

Jacob is 5 weeks old tomorrow. Today he had his first tub bath. He really did not like it. We even poured water over his head. We are starting early with him since the water on the face thing does not go over well with his sister.
Jacob in his bathrobe.

Last weekend Jacob started to lose his hair. Well today I took this picture. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well just some random pictures and things.
Ella woke up one night as we were giving Jacob a bath. She wanted to have her picture with him. He was oh so impressed.
Yesterday was our first outing on the boat this year. Ella was very excited. She could not wait to get on the boat. The lake is still pretty cold for swimming, about 58 degrees. So we just rode around and Ella got to practice her casting for fishing. Jacob was again oh so impressed. When then wind would hit him in the face he would stick out his tongue like a snake tasting the wind. It was really cute.
That is it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well Ella was in to the Doctor on Saturday for an ear infection. Then Jacob was in yesterday because he is not digesting the breast milk well. He is now on medicine for acid reflux. Monday night I was up all night with him. Then last night we were up with Ella. The other ear was bothering her and she was is some bad pain. So off to the doctor again today for her and then for me. I just want to check in on me and make sure that all is o.k. So again another busy day. Going from one to two is quite the change. I am hoping to get a handle on it soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ella's Happenings

At dance Ella had Tutu day. She was very excited about this. She is doing very well in dance. She has a recital coming up in June. The costumes have started to arrive and the excitement is building.
Now on to Ella's new room. She "helped" a lot. She helped with the washing, painting, and decorating.
These are the color choices for the room.
To give perspective. The pink is the top half of the room and the brown is the bottom half. We left the ceiling and trim white.
My Mom and I envisioned curtains that would have brown and pink strips or polka dots. Well Ella had another vision. She fell in love with this material at the store and could not leave it.
There was even enough for Mom to make a skirt for her. It is for dance, but she had to put it together in an outfit the day she got it.
This was the big reveal. She did not see the room the last day until it was all done and ready for her. So some of the decorations were a surprise to her.
Thanks Mom for all of your help. We never would have gotten this done without you.
The day that we revealed the room to her she and Daddy went on a date together. She had earned a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. This is how the looked before they left.
Then there was mud day outside. She had a blast. Not so much fun cleaning it up, but she had a good time.
Grandma Mary treated Ella and I to pedicures. That was a lot of fun. First off my feet really needed it, and it was Ella's first time. She had a ball. She picked pink polish of course for her and green for me. The ladies did flower details on her big toes and she thought that was just the nuts.
See I told you green. Then with the size of my feet. The swelling was so bad at the end they looked like Ogre feet. Big and Green.
Thank you Grandma that was a great treat for all.
We also spent an afternoon with friends at a jumpy house. Ella had a blast. Thank you Joanne for helping with Ella. There was no way I was getting in and out of those houses.
Then along came the Easter Bunny. Ella was still afraid of him this year.
We decorated eggs and Ella drew a picture for the Easter Bunny and left it with some carrots and water for him.
Then Easter morning the Bunny left a note for Ella that told her about two egg hunts one inside and one outside. This is Ella and Daddy checking out the loot.
During this time Ella also went to a maple festival and saw how they make maple syrup. She was very interested, because Uncle Howard had made some for her. Thanks again Uncle Howard.
She went shopping one day with Mommy and Daddy and helped pick out the coming home outfit for the baby and also made a stuffed dog for her new baby at Build a Bear Workshop.
Well that catches you up on what has been going on.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Sister Mom Dad Update

First of all thank you to Cammie for updating while I was in the hospital. We are all doing well. Trying to make this adjustment from one to two is not easy. Jacob is doing great. He had a doctor's appointment last Friday and weighed 7.8 pounds. That was almost a one pound weight gain from our discharge. Then this Thursday he had a clogged tear duct. They weighed him again and he now weighs 7.13 lbs. So his new name is Piggy. It took Ella forever to get to that weight.
On to Ella. She is hanging in there. She loves her little brother very much sometimes too much. She prefers to think of herself as the mother, but we correct her and let her know that she has a very important job as a big sister and that she is the only one who can do that job. Now as far as how she is dealing with Luke and I she is giving us a run for our money. She really seems to have the attitude of 4 going on 14. Oh well the joys of parenthood.

As for Luke and I we are hanging in there as well. Jacob is a pretty good baby. He does stay up more at night then Ella did, but we are handling it. Luke heads back to work on Monday. It feels like he had bearly any time off this time around. I am still not able to drive next week so Luke and Grandpa will be taking Ella to and from school. This part has been hard on me. I feel very disconnected from Ella's school, and I hate to be trapped. Three weeks is a long time to not be able to get around on your own. Especially for a control freak like me.

Well enough with the words here are some pictures for you all.

Well more posts are to come. I would like to get one together on Ella she has done some pretty cool stuff over the last few months and I just did not get it on here. So keep tuned in.